Thursday, September 1, 2011

Diana Beresford-Kroeger on the Power of Trees

I usually do not use my blog, TO WEED OR NOT TO WEED, THAT IS THE QUESTION as a social media tool to share what others think, but this podcast fits my blog to a T because of the woman who explains the power of Black Walnut Trees.

For those who read this blog, and the photo's I have shared of my special bond with Black Walnut Trees they will know this podcast is very appropriate for a Black Walnut Tree Lover, A Black Walnut Shucker and Eater of the Black Walnuts, and the maker of Tye Dyed T Shirts from fresh walnut juice-y stain.

Take a listen, and then take a look at what I do this time of year with walnuts, how I make Tye Dyed T-Shirts from walnuts and everything affiliated with my special relationship with the very expensive Black Walnut Tree and it's wood and it's nuts.

You'll get the connection too.

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