Thursday, June 27, 2013

Farmer Jeans Hanging In The Dogwood Tree and Other Countrified Gardening Stuff

My Farmer Jeans Drying
Under The Dogwood
Because I can't stand hearing
the metal fastners
clanging around in the dryer
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My newest bright idea
for a Cucumber
A Wooden Flower Stand
another plant trellis
SUPER Beefsteak tomato
Golden Zuchinni
More SUPER Beef Steaks

Heirloom BLACK Tomatoes I'm
Growing from Seeds
I like trying new
varieties to see how they
taste and for the
exotic-ness of it all
for a change
C'mon Bell Pepppers
I'm gonna stuff you and eat you
for dinner

3 Birds In a Dead Tree

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shasta Daisies and A New Flower Bed

I adore daisies
Amongst the milkweed
I've cultivated for the butterflies
amongst the cosmos
I Love 'em
wild or domesticated
sheer simple beauty

Shasta daisies from seed
with a Milkweed (ButterFly Attractor) Neighbor

The newest flower bed
amongst the Peonies
Nothing to write home about
right now
but just wait till they
all bloom.

The Boxes of Flower
seeds that cost
6 bucks a box are
the absolute
best bang for your
flower buck

These Happen to be Hummingbird Attractor
Flowers and Annuals Mixed together
We shall see.

Garden Art***Hand Painted Porcelain Tile by K.A.M.

New Home-made Garden Art
Dandelions on a Porcelain Tile

The omni-present
To Weed Or Not To Weed
That Is The Garden Sign

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Collage Of Today's Garden Pictures

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The Pumpkin Patch

Big MAX Punkins
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SuperSized Goats Beard That Looks Like A Dandelion And Another Beautiful Weed Flower

Goats Beard
A weed flower whose name
I do not know,
but like because
they are pretty

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Upscaled and Recycled Egg Shells Into A Tropical Fish

Made From Eggshells and Painted Blue 
This is Upcycled and recycled

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Gorgeous ElderBerry Blossoms

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Woo Hoo !!! The Shasta Daisies That Took Two Years To Bloom From Seed Have Finally Flowered, Heirloom Sugar Snap Peas, & The Heirloom 2x Double Yield Cucumber

Fresh as a Shasta Daisy
Doing My part To Give the Butterflies
A Place To Be
By Growing Milkweed That
smells so sweet
it would rival the sweetest
sugar snap Heirloom Peas
Super Beefsteak Tomatoes
from seed
2x Yield Heirloom Cukes
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