Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saving The Flowers From Frost. Not Once, But Twice So Far This Year !!!!

Anybody who lives in the regions where the daffodils are blooming already, but the temperature at night dips to freezing, knows how covering the flowers can be an ordeal if you have a lot of them.

Anyway, the flowers have been saved and are blooming nicely. That's the life of a gardener/mini farmer. It goes with the territory.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Shovel Ready

The garden is shovel ready. 

The recycled compost is composting and the pitchforks are old relics left over from a bygone area when people used pitchforks as a sign of their American Gothic-ness, their countrified-ness and as a symbol of their independent-ness and ability to grow their own food. In other words, their survivability and adaptability.

Everything old is new again.

Now go plant something. Go broadcast some seeds....and ring in the planting year.

Green is good.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Child Left Inside

No Child Left Inside is a gallant effort to get the kids outdoors to explore and play and learn more about their natural surroundings.

It has come to my attention lately with the new generation of kids and parents, that being punished now means you go outside and play. Back in the day before video games and all the screens 24/7, being punished meant you did not get to go outdoors and play. You were grounded and banished to your room.

My O My how I'd love to be punished now if I were a kid now. I'd do something wrong on purpose. I adore the out-of-doors.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Live Thursday Webcast: Let's Plant A Garden

Update: After listening to the expert gardener on this Live U Stream I was not impressed by her knowledgabilty. Partly because anybody who says something to the effect of "Check with your neighbors first to make sure it's all right to plant something that is not offensive to them".....sounds a lot like the garden Nazi. So "No" I wasn't impressed with the gramma mindset and the ladies of the garden club U stream live cast. I have no idea where this lady hails from, nor is it my neck of the woods. It is gonna be a cold day in hell when I ask my neighbors if it's OK that I plant something on my property......just sayin'

The Christian Science Monitor is offering a live U Stream Webcast tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Be there or be square to learn all about THE GARDEN.