Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mirror Mirror In The Garden

Instead of a Mirror Ball
I've Created A Mirror Window
First I Painted on the Mirror
An outline of a Star Sunflower
With Yellow Acrylic Paint

That red thing in the middle
is the above head hummingbird
feeder reflected in the mirror
which I thought was a nice
natural touch that I had not
anticipated when I reviewed
the picture in my photo stream

Then I filled in the star flower
and added the words

Then I etched out the middle,
added oil pastels of blue and orange

And Presto
is done
It took me an hour
and will add beauty and wonder
to my garden
by reflecting the many
flowers, veggies, birds, bees,
butterflies, moths. ants
insects, pollinators,
that help make a garden grow

The Garden Is Springing Up & Out All Over

The Pink and White Magnoglia
Blossoms against the clear blue
Daffodils a plenty

violets with old  treee
 leaves from last year

Violets galore

you gotta love 'em

they're sweet smelling

 The Pink Bush
whose name I do not know
but a bush by any other name would
be as pretty

 I'll name it Pinky

Gorgeous Magnolia