Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Trip to the Landscaping Garden Veggie Flower Store...AKA The Gardeners Dream Space

A blue Planter Head

Miles and Miles of Hanging Baskets
Cholas Cholas and More Colorful Cholas
Big Feet

Give them to me, I want them all.

I adored the caterpillar plant.
When you touch the red caterpillar flowers they feel like
fuzzy  soft  Q_tips

Old Rockers and New Plants, Real Catnip for THE CAT,& Seashells Amongst the Thornless Raspberry

A bowl of seashells from a vacation the the shore
amongst the thornless black raspberry 
An old worn out rocker from the 1940's now used a plant stand
which keeps changing with plant as the garden changes
as the old rocker gets re-used and up-cycled.
Tommy THE CAT and his first taste and see and feel of REAL
catnip, the plant

Blue Peas, Sweet William, Bunnies Doing It & Other Garden Stuff

Sweet William I grew from seed

Heirloom Blue Pea Pods Capuchijners
Close Up of Heirloom Blue Peas

Leaf Lettuce In a Wooden Box

Russian Giant Sunflowers that have
since been transplanted
where they will grow 14 foot tall

The birdbath /bird watering hole
with some bachelor buttons growing

Newest Garden Art Handmade by Me
@ Kreations by K.A.M.

Soon to bloom Century Plant.....woo hoo.

So I look out the window to the birdfeeder and lo and behold
there's too bunnies in mid bunny shot ready to do the wild thang
and they did ,and I missed the  bunny money shot.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Very Red HouseFinch

This photo was taken through a closed window with
a screen so the clarity is not so sharp,
but you get the picture.

A Pheasant, A Chipmunk & A Rabbit All At The Birdfeeder At One Time In The Garden

Taken from the window, through a screen you can see the
chipmunk in the far right corner, the pheasant to the left
and the bunny rabbit all getting along and eating at the
birdfeeder together in happy Harmony.

Fezzie has become a resident in the Garden.
He squawks all day long and is like a rooster crowing
in the morning, alllllllllll morning, and alllllll afternoon

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but afterall they
were taken from a closed window through a screen.