Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Black Walnut Time In the Garden....It's a Dirty Job But Somebody's Got To Do It

A Black Walnut...That Is Green With The Husk Still On

a black walnut tree
 Fresh Shucked/Hulled Walnuts

My process for gathering, shucking, and eating walnuts is simple.  Collect the Walnuts. Put them in Plastic Garbage Bags.  Run over them while they're inside the plastic garbage bags with a car or truck to smash the hulls off. Take the walnuts out of the bag,(or by this time peel the bag off the walnuts) clean the husks off with plastic bags or gloves over your hands so you don't get  the stain from the walnuts on your hands and look like you're turing a different color, namely black. Also wear old clothes and walnut shucking boots, which they sell at any Gander Mountain or Outdoor-sy Store.(*Note...that's supposed to be sarcastically funny) You'll be looking like a refugee, if you dress properly while walnut shucking.  No pictures please.

Put Them in a Cage or a Milk Crate. Hose them off.  Dry Them Out in The Sun. Crack with a Hammer and Eat.  Simple.

The squirrels will be out and about looking for a free meal. A shucked Walnut is like finding gold to a squirrel....so protect your nuts.(jock straps won't do)  Put your nuts in a safe place while you sing quietly or hum the Helen Reddy song "Sometimes I think, that it's me against the squirrels"

*Note (See You and Me Against the World by Helen Reddy for the song reference)

The Official Walnut Shucking Boots That Only The Finest Shuckers Are Wearing This Year

The finished product that awaits my mouth and my nut bread,...
gettin' straight to the nut cuttin' as a friend of mine has so eloquently put it.

This is what a black walnut looks like before the process of shucking and removing the hulls
My way of cleaning the walnuts and keeping out the squirrels Put them in a cage


  1. Hi Cheyanne,

    A very enlightening post, as always!

    I've been following your blog for a while and I've absolutely enjoyed the posts so far! Ergo, could I add your blog to my list of blog links?
    Please do let me know!

  2. Sure Sarah...add me...I throughly enjoyed your blogpost about the boat made out of plastic bottles and it's adventures. I've added you to my blogroll.