Friday, July 29, 2011

A Montage of Pics...Yummy Breaded EggPlant For Dinner !!!!

 Fresh Eggplant picked today !!!
Yummo....... The.Fresh Breaded Eggplant
for Dinner

A Black Bell Pepper..... Variety: WEIRD.

Moon Flower after the rain


So far the bigggest green tomato
in the garden... that I started from seeds of course.

The Twin Sunflowers

Yeah that's the cupola of the weathervane
on the roof red broom corn is tallllllllll

A Bee on a Sunflower with bright yellow on it's legs..
was very pronounced
Another weird observation today
in the garden.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pot Luck In the Garden Today: A Montage of Pics

Wild Hibiscus from Seed Pods I collected
on a hike.

Sunflowers need no caption

The Sun Flower Family in the Sun

Bell peppers

Eggplant which are recovering nicely
after an infestation of Colorado Potato Beetles

Cosmos and Driftwood

Garden display 

Day Lily

My Rock Art
 Hey Kids....Rock On

Lemony Yellow Small Sunflower
with pollinator

Monday, July 25, 2011

MoonFlowers and Pumpkins

Although it does not look
like it this MoonFlower's Head is about
5 inches wide.  They smell glorious when a bunch
of the open all together only at  night.
Hence  the name Moonflower

Moonflowers, Marigolds and Lettuce
.....what a unique combo in the flower box

A pumpkin

Two punkins

THE 1st Tomato, Broom Corn As Tall As The House, Bell Peppers and Other Sunflowery Garden Stuff

Red Heirloom Broom Corn Taller Than The House

More Red Broom Corn for Wreaths

A Gourmet Sunflower with Pollinator

The first Red Ripe Tomato of the Season...Woo Hoo,

A Bell Pepper...One of Many

Yes that's a cucumber in the middle of two
larger cukes.

Un photo-shopped gorgeous sunflower from my stash
of seeds last yaer

Black and Ripe Lucious Berries on vines
that have NO Prickers or Thorns
They are special
I see some blackberry jelly in my future.

A lawn ornament from the Dollar Store

Heirloom Pickling Cukes


...and more sunflowers

Monday, July 18, 2011

Almost Ripe and Ready To Eat Homegrown Tomatos..............You Can't Buy That In No Store......... It's D. I.Y. All The Way

Just a few more days and it's Tomato Time

Tomatos here, tomatos there,
Tomatos everywhere

...and yet more tomatos

This Garden Entry IS Dedicated To Meghan P.S For The Upcycled Christmas Basket She Gave Me That Is Now Filled With Garden Veggies

For those of Us Who Re-use and recylce Our STUFF that other people have given us for Christmas Presents in Year's Past, this little basket is such a case.
Once it was filled with Pier 1 Import Gourmet Teas and a Tea Ball and Now It Holds a Basket a of Veggies Freshly Picked From MY Garden, The Garden.

Thanks Meghan P.S. for Reading my Blog and Commenting too.
It means the world to me.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

EggPlant, a Praying Mantis and Other Garden Stuff

EggPlant, small but growing.

An eggplant blossom

A pickling cucumber ripe and ready to eat

A punkin' blossom whose color I adore

I see Eggplant Parmesan in my future

Red Broom Stalk
from Heirloom Seeds
They are great for dried arrangements

The praying mantis,
on THE WEEDER's arm

Then I left THE praying mantis go
on my sunflowers to eat all the buggy bugs
and aphids that bug sunflowers