Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beautiful Blossoms and Blooms From THE GARDEN, A Cardinal and Some Blooming Little Beautiful Weeds

Coral Colored Blooms

They are so stuck on themselves
with good reason
They are beautiful little things


One Magnolia Tree, Many Branches

A Magnolia Blossom

The Very Big and Very Beautiful
Magnolia Tree

Hand Painted Raised Box where Snap Peas
are planted

A cardinal
Weeds Glorius Weeds
and I adore their little selves
Weeds Glorius weeds, Don't know their
names, but I like these weeds too.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forsythia, Red Bellied Woodpecker and A Toad In The Garden Today

Yellow Forsythia Against the Periwinkle Blue Sky

A toad
Red Bellied Woodpecker

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Spy With My Little Eye A Baby Bunny In The Garden

I spied with my little eye this baby
Bunny hiding in the weeds
I shot pics of him from all
angles.  He was as still as any
petrified baby bunny could get.
He never batted an eyelash
I could get great closeup
shots and took advantage of the
situation because really
who gets the chance to
take pics of a gorgeous
wild bunny that often?
Very well camo-ed.
If you did not know he was there
you wouldn't see him
I left him undisturbed
hoping mama bunny could
come back and re-claim him
Photography does not get any better
than this, what a great day in the garden
(until maybe this same baby bunny starts eating my veggies)
Possibly Mama Bunny whom I
Took a picture of at the feeder
4 days before the Baby Bunny\

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Migrators, New Arrivals, and Old Friends At The Feeder

A Wild Canary

What I believe to be an Eastern Towhee

Looks like the  same as the one pictured above

~~taken from Northern Illinois Border: Eastern Towhee blogsite~~

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Watching The First Daffodil Open**Incremental Photo's Taken By The Hour On The Hour**Tah Dah On Buddah's Birthday 2013

Black Tomato Heirloom Seedlings From The Wet Paper Towel Method of Sprouting

Heirloom Black Tomato Seeds on a  wet Paper Towel
This Method so far has yielded me the best success
rate of sprouting by far than regular planting the seed
in dirt.
Black Tomato Seedlings
Mizuna from Wet Paper towel transplanted to dirt