Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saint Francis, More Gorgeous Blooms & EggPlant

I love my St Francis

I Love my Cosmos

I love this little turtle whose head
I had to glue back on and give
some new paint this season

I love my Garden Art that I created
out of used egg shells and painted
aqua blue

I love eggplant

It's gonna be on the menu
in the coming months

A lot

Because I've got

A lot of eggplant growing
in my garden.

Heirloom Opal Basil,Cottage Garden Flowers and New Garden Art

Heirloom Opal Basil
from seed

HI !!! Biscus

The back of a Giant Zinnia

The Back Again

Soon To Be Giant Sunflowering
Bush Tree Thing

Wildflowers from a Box of Wildflower
Seeds that I highly recommend
that cost 6 bucks a piece and the
spectacular array of flowers is amazing.

Simple and Fast to do and well-a

A poppy

Zinnia and violas


Cosmos to the sky

I think Zebra Mallow,
But I'm not sure


New garden Art

Carrots Here, Carrots There, Carrots Everywhere~~What's Up Doc?

Freshly Harvested

Gave 'Em A Bath

Took More Pics

Had Some Fun

Fused 2 Mutant Looking
Carrots Into One Trans Morphed

Cut stems off

Went to The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Website and Made These Carrot Muffin

+ A Carrot Cake

and Well-a

A Big Iced Carrot Cupcake with an
edible steamed carrot atop

Another Montage of THE Garden

Hibiscus bought last year
for a buck 99 and look at them now

Katydid in a Moonflower

Moonflower with insect that appears to
be a sweat bee


Robin's Nest That Fell From the Tree
after a bad storm
It was un-occupied and the babies
had already
flown the coop

To weed or not to weed
and a Yardscape chicken

A Montage of Garden Stuff

Geraniums+Garden Art

 A peculiar moth


Cat-with tracking collar


Birds on the Wires


Fresh Garden Salad
with cukes, carrots, and romaine lettuce

Monday, July 1, 2013

Talking To Yourself In Your Garden? You Might Find Something Out About Yourself

...and fingernail polish works wonders

Dear Readers, it doesn’t matter how much I’ve run or done yoga over the winter, or how well we “put the garden to bed,” that first day out in the garden is ouch on many levels. 
But for me, as much as gardening is a physical job, it’s also one where I happen to talk to myself a lot, and the talk I was giving myself was about the fact that gardening seems to me to be the perfect metaphor for all of life.
And here is how that little conversation in my head went:

1. You have to be willing to do the sh*t jobs
2. You have to have a vision and Big Dreams.
3. You have to be willing to plant the seeds and plant the plants.
4. You have to have patience
5. You have to learn how to deal with things that are totally out of your control
6. You have to clean up after yourself.
7. If you don’t do the work, you don’t eat. 
8. It’s hard to do it alone.
9. It’s good to be thankful. 
10. Sometimes you have to let things go. 
11. It’s all about love.