Sunday, September 25, 2011

When The Last of the Hummingbird Feeders Gets Taken Down, You Know It's A Sign

 My biggest punkin'
with the Sunflowers That I adore as Back Ground

I dislike when my Hummingbirds fly south.
I believe they took off somewhere around September 15th. 

So it's my job to take the hummigbird feeders down until next year.
I also picked my big ass punkin that I grew from a seed from last
year's punkin I bought at a roadstand.
Nothing says Fall or Autumn has arrived quite like a punkin.

The annual taking down of the Humming Bird feeders
makes me sad !!!
I didn't even get to say goodbye to those tiny tiny
birds I adore watching outside my
Every morning.

Bye Bye Hummingbird Feeder
Till Next Year

When My Little Humming -bird Friends Fly Back
From where ever they fly to.

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