Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Berry In The Hand Is Worth ?

Some of the Domesticated BlackBerries in The Garden are Huge.
When I find one, I take a picture.
It's not so much that hand is small, but that the berry is so big.

Here's seven berries and they take up my whole palm.

My makeshift berry bucket which is a plastic milk
gallon with the top cut off, handle still in tact
with a long string sttached to
wear around the neck.
It works perfectly and leaves the hands free
to pick berries with both hands.

Still deciding what to make with all of
them.  Jellies and Jams, Smoothies? Pies?
A crisp maybe?

Or This?
Blackberry InterMezzo Slush

A 10 Foot Tall Big Beautiful Gorgeous Weed...And I Love The Poofy Dandelion Heads On It.

I let this weed grow in\my garden
because of it's height.
It was at least 10 foot tall.
Bigger tham some of my Sunflowers.
Then I cut it down at it's base and brought it
in the house, used a Mason Jar for
a Vase, and now I have  weed tree thing
that is gorgeous.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Domesicated Vines Are Really Loaded With Berries This Year: The Making Of The BlackBerry Jam and Jelly

The Vines in The Garden are loaded this year.
We may have a bumper crop of jellies and jams
and pies
Blackberry Everything.

From these berries that can reach the size of
a small thumb and the transformation of
the berries into jelly and jam,
the sweat and labor is worth it.
(I think)

To this.  Deeelish Blackberry Jelly

I did not have any gingham and jute to cover my
mason jars in, so I cut up an old worn out
shirt with an Indian motif and used ribbon with tomatoes
on it.

Cucumbers, Mizuna With a Fresh BlackBerry Vinaigrette

The first cukes are in, Planted late, but better late than never

Mizuna, tastes great with a Blackberry Vinagrette and some
walnuts. Very simple to make.

Goodies From The Garden, Zuchinni Bread, Zuchinni Muffins and Fresh Picked Blackberry Jam and Blackberry Jelly

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Opening Day of THE Sunflower and Many Many Cloud Pics....Happy 4th of Jew Lie !!!!

I'm a Yankee Doodle Sunflower

Bloomed on the 4th of July

The absolute most weirdest, beautiful clouds
I've observed in a long time

Tuesday, July 3, 2012