Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Garden Art

A Fan Blade I Painted
From A Car Motor
On a Tomato Stake
to look like a flower
in the garden

Butterflies and Flowers Painted
on a Wooden Slats

Flowers Painted on a Steel Plate with a
Wooden Pallet Blackberry Bush Holder
in the background

My Garden Art
Flowers on a  wooden board

My Garden Art
Mirror Glass Pieces with
Hand Painted Glass Glued
to a Plywood Board
A Painted Raised Garden
Box Because Seed Saving
is a must for avid gardeners
An Old window re-painted
from yellow sunflower in former
garden photo's

seashells from the South
Carolina Shore for eyes
an earring for a nose
a shoestring for mouth
and pompous grass hair.
All on an old CD
suspended with twine
from a tree

Flower on a Board

Old Timey  Vintage Wooden Handled
Hoe Painted an Orchid-Lilac
Color amongst  new
Hummingbird Attracting
Flower Seedlings.
The hummers are already back
but more showy colorful flowers
will not hurt.

Real Maple Leaves From the Garden
Clued to a an wooden BaseBoard
from an old house

Peonies Galore

When The Peonies
come out the Garden is
 Visually Gorgeous and smells

Rain Drops Are Gorgeous to catch On
on any flower


What does one do with all those

Put them in Beautiful Pitcher Vases
of course.

A chip and dip tray
filled with water and used
as a vase for small cut peonies

Major Tom (To Ground Control) Being His Kewl Kat Self in THE GARDEN

ArrowHead Lettuce, Peas,, Blackberries, Flowers and A Topsy Turvy


Arrow head lettuce

I had to try the topsy turvy.
Sadly the only place to put it is on
a tree limb because the thing
is so heavy


 the full moon of May

I'm cultivating milkweed for the
Butterfly Population


Blackberry Blossoms

The sky through a blossom bush

400 LB cement pit lawn ornament

My Wilbur from Charlotte's Web
(yeah I know he;s the wrong color)

The Pig Family