Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Woo Hoo>>>>All Hail The HomeGrown Love Apple~~~~The First One Of The 2012 Garden Season

THE Ripening of the First Love Apple of the 2012 Season

The Picked Tomato Which I Put on a Pedestal

The Love Apple aka Tomato Extraordinarre
which really needs no explaination except that it is NOT
a hard thing you buy at the store, that was picked green
and gassed to ripen.
There ain't nothing like the real thing Bay-Bee

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Hodge Podge Of Garden NOWS

A mouse hiding in the tractor chain
The Century Plant-aka Yucca blooming for the first time ever.
Goat's Beard Photshopped with the Fish Eye Bubble Effect

Calendula from last year's seeds I saved

A toad in the garden

A housefinch at the birdfeeder

New Garden Art I Handmade
Stones in a Flip Flop
This IS art BTW

Don't Wait....Plant Your Own Flowers and Then Kiss Yourself Because You've Beautified Your World

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fezzie THE Ringneck Pheasant At The Birdfeeder ~~~~ What a Delight To Have Wildlife In The BackYard

I love the call of the pheasant. To me it's the call of the wild.

This particular pheasant has made his roost around the house and the nearby woods where he squawks regularly. I love the sight and sound of him.  I've named him Fezzie.

His plumage, I'm sure is the envy of fly fisherman, hat makers, flower shops and feather lovers everywhere. Their iridescence, when shining in the sun, give off the most wonderful sheen.

With that said, Fezzie won't be on our menu anytime soon. But rabbit and groundhog (ewwww) might be, if they do not quit eating my garden veggies.

(I like rabbits, I just don't like battling them for MY rabbit food )

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Toad I Found In My WheelBarrow

So I was making a new garden sign

And I went to my wheelbarrow to get something

And I found this big fat gorgeous colored toad in
the wheelbarrow

So I picked him up, set him on artists workbench and took
his picture

Then I put him back where I thought he'd be happier

In the shade, in the straw, where his colors and camo
matched his surroundings.

What A Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses: Books: Daniel Chamovitz

Macmillan: Full Excerpt for What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses: Books: Daniel Chamovitz:

Onion Heads going to seed

Onions Gone to seed

A sunflower tht will eventually turn into a Sunflower Tree as
I refer to them with gorgeous orange and yellow flowers

A  1-2-3 New Instant Garden Sign

Elderberry Blossoms

Do These Plants In My Garden Know What The Book: A Field Guide To The Senses, What a Plant Knows Says They Know?

Just wondering What A Plant Really knows.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big Beautiful Weeds, Yellow Salisfy (aka Goat's Beard) !!!! Milkweed Too !!!! I Love Them, I Plant Them, On Purpose

the dandelion-like head on a goat's beard is 3-5 inches across

Sweet William (from seeds) and Goat's Beard

Photo-shopped Sweet William with spotlight  enhancement
Milkweed, Pre Flowering

Not the best of photo's, but this pic
was taken while I was telescopically
looking at Venus Float
across the

In between looks at Venus,
I took pics of my milkweed that I adore
and attracts butterflies, emits the most
beautiful smell when flowering that would
rival the sweetest smelling rose.
AND it's a weed.
Take that domesticated
plants. You got nothing on milkweed.

Braggin' On My " Heirloom Blue Pod Capuchijners Peas"(from seed) Some Onions and a Homemade Butterfly Ornament Made Out of An Old Door Hinge

opened pod of blue pod peas amongst the leaf lettuce.
what a wonderful combo of colors

an opened pod of blue pod peas

the blue pod capuchijner peas

blue pad peas against the life green lettuce is a great color combo

leaf lettuce and a baby chick

Amazing what you can door with a letter opener, an old door hinge
and some pipe cleamers

twin onions