Monday, May 30, 2011

Rainbows Through The Clouds and Rain and Bad Weather??

One half of the rainbow

The Other Half

The Other Half Of the Rainbow Highlighted
and Photo Shopped

The Peonies Are Blooming Again

Peonies come in all kinds of colors and shapes
and sizes. This one I'm sure is  a hybrid

Fushia Peonies

..........And Pink Peonies
Make a Great Contrast of Colors

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deluctible Morels In My Garden.....What a Find

I found this morel growing in
my rock garden
which is right
across from a big old old apple tree

Last year I found one Morel
and I left it be.
Didn't pick it

So I guess they sent out their spores

 And This year I find 2 morels growing
within feet of each other

The Sweet Smell of Lily's of The Valley In My Garden !!!!

Lily of the Valley in  a Jelly Jar

Wild Shade Flower

More Lily of the Valley

And More

Violets and Lilly of the Valley