Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tree Shadows

The Best Shadows
of a tree
I've ever taken
My silhouette in the
shadow of the tree
All on the ground
All Shadows
The Light was Just Right

If you're not creating shadows You're not standing in the LIGHT !!!!

Shadows of the Tree
on Cement

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Daffodils Are Just Waitin' To Bloom InTo All Their Yellow-y-Ness

The Daffodils Will Be In All
Their Buttery Yellows

Photo Shoots In the
Rain of Daffodils

A Tender Daffodil Bud
Just Waitin' For
That Bloomin' Day

Plant a Seed For Earth Hour On March 26th......This Saturday.

On the 26th of March Earth HOUR will take place. It's a time and day when people plant a seed....any seed doesn't matter.  Vegetable, Flower... Plant It and Grow it.

Here's a link to the their Facebook Page where you can learn more. 

This will be my 1st Earth Hour Seed Planting because I've never heard of this day before now. Now that you know about it, maybe you'll be out there on the 26th planting a seed too.

Get out there. Get your hands dirty and start something good from all the dirt all around you.

And always remember COMPOST HAPPENS.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Super Moon.... March 18th

The Super Moon In All Its' Glory


In case you can't see it, or didn't see it, the last  Super Moon was in 1993.  This years Super Moon Which is Actually Tomorrow's Moon, Not Tonight's which are posted here. Here's what NASA has to say about the SUPER MOON

Bigger Still

The Biggest

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seeing Eagles On St. Patrick's Day...

Oh Yeah.. The Pictures I Can Shoot With My Two Bit Kodak AF

Are Just as Good and Clear

(without Photo Shop)

As any Pro's Lens and Pro's Eye

In my Humble Opinion


Saturday, March 12, 2011

5 Minutes at The Bird Feeder

All in the matter of 5 Minutes Here's What Showed Up at the Bird Feeder Today.
A Nut Hatch

Amazing what a recycled onion bag of suet attracts

The red head looks like velvet,
smooth and shiny

The bold and brazen omni-present
squirrel at the bird feeder

Monday, March 7, 2011

This Year's Garden Floats Through My Head.....

My Seed Box is Huge
and I share my Seeds
Liberally and Give Them
as Christmas Gifts

Share Your Stuff
and Seeds
and Broadcast Them

When you give your seeds away and share thme and people plant them and report back to you about the seeds you shared with them that are growing and thriving, it's a good feeling. So share your seeds, share your blog and keep on sharing the info.  Some people are sharers and some people aren't.

I'm a sharer.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Growing Power, Inc.

Since the snow is still here and there is nothing to blog about in the garden, I'm posting about a man I discovered via Tavis Smiley. His anme is  Will Allen, and his company is titled GROWING POWER., Inc. Will is truly blog worthy. He was on Time's list of 100 people last year who affect us.

Will Allen started life the youngest of six sons [???] of a South Carolina sharecropper and learned the dawn-to-dusk routine of working the land from his toddling days. Today, after successful careers in professional basketball and corporate marketing, he is a farmer again, but of a different sort. Will has applied a lifetime of knowledge to the problems of urban poverty and malnutrition, and with the founding of Growing Power, Milwaukee’s only urban farm, he has created an international model for intensive urban agriculture and community food systems.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Minatures in a Gold Fish Jar In the Morning Light

Early Morning Light Pictures
from Red Rose Tea Minatures
in a Gold Fish Glass Jar
in Water

A Minature Chicken
in a glass Jar

A Christmas Tree
in a Glass Jar
Filled with water

A leprechaun

Another Leprechaun
No photo shopping required
for all my
Natural as can be.

The Study of Shadows On The Wind Chime Wall in March

The light at this time of year is inspiring
Early morning light is the best
to capture the shadows on the wall

More Study of Wind Chimes
and Light
and Shadow