Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Genesis Of A Naturally Walnut Stained Tye Dyed T-Shirt.

THE Walnut Tree
 So last autumn I collected black walnuts because I loves me some black walnut meat on a long winter's day.  It gives me great pleasure to crack a black walnut open, that I husked, I shelled, I cleaned, and I dried.  It's a dirty nasty thankless job, but I do it for me.

From the old husks that layed in a galvanized drum last winter that got rained on and snowed on all winter  a natural walnut stain was created. So I started thinking what can I do with natural walnut stain? Off the top of my head was to stain some wood.  So I did that.  I layed two by four an what-not wood I found laying around into the fresh dye-stain and left it there for 2 days. The results were great.  From that freshly stained-dyed wood I'm going to make bird feeders,  herb-y window boxes and who know's what else.

And then I got to thinking again.  What else can I do with the natural walnut stain-dye.  Having been a paid tye dyer back in the day, I decided to try tye-dye-ing some T-Shirts.  The results are the following pictures from start to finish.

THE walnut
 My autumn walnut blog is .here. That's where this ongoing Walnut Project originated and began and extended over into this spring.


THE walnut stain
with husks left
out all winter.

Check out the great
reflection of the tree
in the water.

The Walnut Wood Stained
From THE fresh Walnuts

So I got a bunch of fresh walnut stained
wood, and a tye dyed t-shirt
from some leftover
walnut husks  that I re-used and
UP-cycled and RE-Cyled
It all about the

Tye Dye From Walnut Husks
Who Knew?
Now you Do.

The real final product
after finding out if it even
would work.
The dye-stain stays in the shirt,
does not bleed in the washer
and you'll see me in my
garden wearing my
spiral-y Tye Dyed
T-Shirt from Walnuts.


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