Friday, September 4, 2015

Every School Should Teach Gardening

The Pollinator VICTORY GARDEN---I've Got Mine

There's a bee on this coneflower
In World Word II Americans rallied to create over 1 million Victory Gardens – food gardens for defense.   We can do it again – this time creating Pollinator Victory Gardens to defend pollinators and our food supply.  Let’s win the war on pollinator decline!  Every yard counts.  Here’s the link to show how you can do it

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch, Coneflowers, Bees & A Volunteer Cantalope----In The Garden

I actually picked the first pumpkin of the season yesterday
Bees love the coneflowers
A small volunteer cantalope I did not plant it just came up probably from seeds outta my compost pile.

It tasted pretty good considering it was so small

Lots Of Life Going On In THE GARDEN

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

THE FIRST SUNFLOWER HAS BLOOMED, The Shasta Daisies Are Here and Other Garden Scape Pics To Enjoy From THE GARDEN

Woo Hoo ....I adore Sunflowers
and so do the birds for their sunflower seeds
Shasta Daisy
A montage of yard art ( I created the bird board)
and assembled the nastriums I planted  from seed with petunias
and a hollowed out log planter with dusty miller and a bird feeder
in the back of the spoked wheel.
Just discovered orange mint this year (which I adore in my Celestial Seasonings  tea)
on the pedestal,  then there's some cosmos, A smallish  sunflower and a garden art board I created with blue flowers

A Big Bee Inside A HollyHock That I Planted From Seeds 2 Years Ago And Are Now Blooming For The First Time.....WOO Hoo For Sucess !!!

Shot with a Digital Zoom Camera
Look at all that Pollen

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Budda With A Tin Foil Hat (A Must See)----- IRISes (The Flower, Not The Eye Part) & THE OLD HOE Is Also THE Empress of Dirt

Because as Americans one cannot be too paranoid nowadays.
Who knows, maybe they (whoever they are) like to watch people
in their yards, namely women in their bathing suits half naked doing their gardening and yardwork.
This is the first year IRISES that a friend who has an
iris farm sent me through the US mail have bloomed.
This pic does not do the beauties justice though.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

GROW~~~And Other Spring Garden Stuff

Newest Homemade Garden Art ----Window Frame with GROW On Wall Paper

Homemade HAPPY SPRING Sign

The Indoor Palms enjoying a day in the outdoor sun

Tommy D cat

Turtle on a log

Tommy D Cat Relaxing

Wintered over and cut Pompas Grass

Tommy D Cat again, I love my cat AND taking pics of him
He's very Photogenic

The chicken got a new paint job from white to black
Forget Me Nots

those blue star flowers

PEAS in a raised wooden box