Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Salad Days Never Looked or Tasted So Good, So There !!!!

It has come to my attention that anyone with a garden who is garnering attention these days on the Innernet are "The Ladies of the Garden Club" who have given up Corporate Life and their Suits, Ties, Dresses and High Heels for the Gardening-Landscaping Life.

Now these Ladies of the Garden Club as I like to call them, hire photographers to shoot all their garden pictures while they're doing their gardening thang, write books on gardening and God and nature and essentially are considered more legit than any one gardener in general. Which it has occurred to me is another strictly American thing.  First you have to come back from money mountain after you have proved you can climb money mountain and return from the mountain with some cash, then you get to go to the garden and become a legit and credible witness to the garden. Those are the American credit and credit-ability rules.  All others are considered clueless.

The thing that gets me about Americans is that nobody is considered legit or taken seriously unless they are making some kind of money out of what they do in their gardens, out of their gardens and cashing in on their gardens, especially on the gardening blogsites that I read.

There are millions upon millions of backyard gardeners like me, who adore our nature, adore the outdoors, adore getting our hands dirty, adore pruning and digging and all the stuff remotely affiliated with the garden-landscape-outdoorsy world.

So here's to all of you out there who are like me and adore what we do, yes, for our living and yes for our health.

Back in the day if somebody said: "Whattya think I'm doing this for, my HEALTH"? which sarcastically meant that whatever that person was doing was not considered important enough to do if it was NOT raking in the dough for them.  Or the thing they were doing was unappreciated in some way.

So here's some photo's of my salad bowl today, straight and fresh out of MY Garden.

And Here's To You, Here's To US,  all you "ANTI- Ladies and Gents of the Garden Club" variety. Because you know and I know the Ladies of the Garden Club will not be showing up anytime soon to see your beautiful, gorgeous gardens, flourishing and ripe and green, producing produce.

The  meditation that it takes to NOT make the Garden a competition (money) is very un American. Americans make Everything Some kind of Competition.

Who's the best naturalist? Who's the most Spiritual? Who's the Best at any or all American thangs? Including Gardening and the Internet Blogs About Gardens. Who's making money off who's Garden......and the list goes on and on and on ad nauseam.

Nobody in America is ever taken seriously unless they are making money off of what they do, ever. This is the American way whether we like to admit this or not.  No Money. No Credit or Credit-ability.  You're Clueless. You're have no idea of what you're doing.  It's as Simple as That.

It is your garden, and yours alone.  There is no prize awaiting you in the Salad Bowl as if it were a College Football Tournament.

The Salad Bowl is really for your HEAL-th..... upstairs (mind) and downstairs.(body)

You cannot buy a homegrown tomato in a store....and that, my friends, makes ALL the difference.

Pickle Cucumbers

The Window IN the Garden
And How It Looks NOW
The Gigantic leaves in Front are
Pumpkin Leaves

Heirloom Tennis Ball Lettuce That
Thomas Jefferson Grew in HIS Gardens.

Here we have 5 colored Chard,
Leaf Lettuce, Baby Cukes, Micro Greens
and Parsley

A Volunteer Tomato in The Lettuce  Box

The Salad Days Never Tasted and
Never Looked Soooo Good, So There !!!

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