Monday, July 25, 2011

THE 1st Tomato, Broom Corn As Tall As The House, Bell Peppers and Other Sunflowery Garden Stuff

Red Heirloom Broom Corn Taller Than The House

More Red Broom Corn for Wreaths

A Gourmet Sunflower with Pollinator

The first Red Ripe Tomato of the Season...Woo Hoo,

A Bell Pepper...One of Many

Yes that's a cucumber in the middle of two
larger cukes.

Un photo-shopped gorgeous sunflower from my stash
of seeds last yaer

Black and Ripe Lucious Berries on vines
that have NO Prickers or Thorns
They are special
I see some blackberry jelly in my future.

A lawn ornament from the Dollar Store

Heirloom Pickling Cukes


...and more sunflowers

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