Monday, July 11, 2011

Bugs Doing It On a Glorious Gardenia-like Smelling Milkweed and The First Heirloom Carrot From The Garden

A brief interlude to
photograph bugs
buggin' out, doin' IT on my
highly cultivated Milkweed Plant

 Q: What's UP Doc?

 A:My first heirloom carrot from seed
That's What.

There they are, the two
 bugs going at it on a Milkweed
Plant that I cultivated like a Fine
Orchid just for it's smell and the fact it attracts
Butterflies and pollenators like a bee to honey.
The Ladies of the Garden Club would
not be impressed that I cultivate
glorious smelling WEEDs, I assure you !!!

The 1st Heirloom Carrot outta
the garden that I planted months ago.
Carrots seem to take a long time to mature.

Needless to say my
"What's Up Doc" moment
as I munched and crunched on this
carrot was one dee-lish moment.
now My eyesight is so much better.

What's UP Doc?

After the bug-itis interruptus
by me, he flew off
leaving the female feeling like
she was being watched by a human
who was into bug porn.

 You can call it a form of bug buggery
I guess.

Now I'm off to Goggle University
to find out the name of
this long antennaed red bug.
The longest antennae I've ever seen
on a bug that size.

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