Saturday, April 9, 2011

HOLY SHIT is Happening: The Book That Is.

I Just thought I'd post a book for a change of gardening pace because nothing much is happening in the Garden right now.  The Lettuce and Carrots are in. The beds are ready for planting, the compost pile is composting.

The birds are doing "it". Daffodils of dill-ing. And HOLY SHIT is happening.

Holy Shit is the name of a book.  A real book.

For those of us who likes us some "good shit" this book explains it all.

The title alone is enough to capture your imagination on how to create some "Good Shit"

....I like writing the word Shit on my blog in the scientific context of it all.  Some ladies of the "garden club" variety may take offense, But personally I like some good shit.

Call me a re-BELL-ious gardener.

With a big loud clapper.

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