Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dandelion Salad: The Rite Of Spring Passage........I Eat Weeds, I Don't Smoke 'Em.

Dandelion from the Garden
(better known as the front and back yard)

I eat weeds, I don't smoke 'em.

The finished product
A little sauteed onion, a hot vingear and
honey dressing and you have an instant
weed eatin' salad.
According to the "old timers like my gramma, you should never pick Dandelion in Spring Months that do not contain an R in their names.March and April are fine but not the month of May.  Seriously those are the Dandelion rules where I come from. If they've gotten flowerheads on them, they are too tough to eat.

These pictures from the fresh dandelion greens I picked right out of the front and back yards (which does not have dogs roaming anywhere around it) is a yearly event, comes as a welcome relief that pissy cold dank sunless winter is officially over.  Dandelion Salad with a hot sweet and sour dressing is my spring rite of passage. It's like dancing around the Maypole in celebration of spring. It's like eating rabbit food, and lovin' it. It's like dancing naked in the garden. Dandelion makes me happy. And it's full of vitamins and minerals to boot.

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