Friday, August 20, 2010

"I Am Somebody"~~~~An Old Negro Spiritual Song

OK.....I admit it.  I've tried and I've tried not to bring politics in my Garden, but to no avail. Politics has entered the Garden, my garden. This quote comes to us via Jesse Jackson.  I AM SOMEBODY.  For those of us Baby Boomers who came riding in on the coat-tails of Gloria Steinem et al, our gardens are not our grandmothers gardens, nor are they our mothers gardens. Our gardens are a mixed variety of  flowers and vegetables where our blogs about politics, our blogs about current events, our blogs about food all overlap like centrifugal circles. The politics of food overlaps and intertwines with The Garden.

We are more aware than our grandmothers, our mothers and our aunts of what is going on around the world, not just our little "neck of the woods", thanks to the Internet. We maintain ourselves, our social network of selves on the Internet, by blogging and using the new communication device of choice Facebook and Blogger and Twitter.  So for that reason, I've posted my sign.  My "I AM SOMEBODY" sign that was re-purposed from an old wine cask barrel to make the sign. Re-purposing, re-inventing and re-using is IN.

Because we can. 

And just to round things out so anybody who reads this blog regularly does not get the impression I am stuck on myself with my "I AM SOMEBODY" (an old negrolike spiritual song) sign, here's a few others I have made along the way. They have become my garden border signs and I love them, because they were my bright ideas. Now if I could only sell some of my bright ideas as an artist, that would be divine. I'd like some credit and credit-ability.

Here's a sign of Strength

Here's a sign of Courage
The Spiritual Sign that re-iterates the Song of the South...Que the Uncle Remus Disneyland Music NOW please. Or maybe Alabama's Song of the South would be more apropos. 
And bless Miss Sherrod's heart for NOT accepting the USDA's new job offer......Like I said, I tried to keep politics outta the garden and farm, but it just keeps showing up again and again.

And to further politicize this blogpost with a more well rounded worldly feeling why not donate to SOLES for SOULS, a charitable organization that Micheal Franti is part of, that puts shoes on the feet of the shoeless who cannot afford shoes. I know, I know it's hard to believe in this day and age of Jimmy Choos. But it's true.

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