Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The First Homegrown TOM-a-to Sandwich of the Season Complete With A Homegrown Tomato Song

A tomato sandwich made by an amateur tomato sandwich maker !!!!! lol
Yummy yummy yum...These are not beefsteaks, they were some other variety of tomato that reach enormous poundage. The tomato on the plate, is a dinner plate, so you can get an idea of large these big kahunas of the tomato family get.  Also the tomato on the plate above  kinda resembles a heart shape.  Tomatoes are called "Love Apples" in other places, because they are a fruit, not a vegetable.

The only thing missing from this blogpost, is a photo of the human who ate the first tomato sandwich of the summer season with all it's juicy-ness goodness and home grown-i-ness. That photo will forever remain a mystery, because some people just don't like, (nor do they take)  good photos of themselves.

I personally like the Guy Clark version of this song better, but could not find an embedddable version of it. The Guy Clark version is more folksy.

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