Monday, June 9, 2014

Remembering Maya Angelou In ALL Our Gardens---As Someone Said "She Was The Voice Of A Human God"

What a Woman Doctor Maya Angelou Was
This is my  personal tribute to her
Gardening Really is Better Than Therapy,
You Generally Do It Alone,
It's Me Me Me Time
& You Get Tomatos and Peppers
and Lettuce and Peas
and Pumpkins and
Flowers and
A Place TO BE Naturally
With your funky self, your dirty self
your poor ass self, your little self, your big self
You !!!

Maya Angelou told us to be ourselves

 Home made garden art,
and old window frame and
one of my paintings stapled to it.

Fairy Garden with Cherubs

Sea Shells I painted to look like Strawberries

Keep on the Grass
Green and Otherwise

Home made Garden Art

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