Monday, June 9, 2014

Heirloom Peas, Salad Lettuce Mix, Coreopsis Flowers, Flowers and More Spectacular Colorful Flowers

Keeping an eye on these guys, Holly Hocks,
(whose seeds I got from a neighbor gardener
 who makes a privacy wall of Holly Hocks  every year,)because the snails
have got to others .....put coffee grounds and corn meal around their
base to irritate the snails, next is the beer mixture I guess.
Rusty old wooden handled hoe,
repainted, reused and upcycled
as an antiquity in the garden
that countless other hands have held and used to
Sweet William and that white flower whose name
I do not know, but looks like an Elderberry Bloom
or Queen Anne's Lace but it's not.

A side garden of Sweet William
Salad Mix in a wooden raised bed box to keep out the bunnies
Orange Bedder
first blooming Spring Flower
that I planted last year
and was surprised by this year
with its' wonderful
first color in the Garden
 Heirloom Peas...soon to mature, the blooms
are on the vine... pea pods for the salad soon
More Heirloom Peas
and yeah, they are not staked properly
so they can climb..... my bad...
I planted them on a whim
Planted last year and this year the first time they've
bloomed are prolific

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