Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Garden Art

A Fan Blade I Painted
From A Car Motor
On a Tomato Stake
to look like a flower
in the garden

Butterflies and Flowers Painted
on a Wooden Slats

Flowers Painted on a Steel Plate with a
Wooden Pallet Blackberry Bush Holder
in the background

My Garden Art
Flowers on a  wooden board

My Garden Art
Mirror Glass Pieces with
Hand Painted Glass Glued
to a Plywood Board
A Painted Raised Garden
Box Because Seed Saving
is a must for avid gardeners
An Old window re-painted
from yellow sunflower in former
garden photo's

seashells from the South
Carolina Shore for eyes
an earring for a nose
a shoestring for mouth
and pompous grass hair.
All on an old CD
suspended with twine
from a tree

Flower on a Board

Old Timey  Vintage Wooden Handled
Hoe Painted an Orchid-Lilac
Color amongst  new
Hummingbird Attracting
Flower Seedlings.
The hummers are already back
but more showy colorful flowers
will not hurt.

Real Maple Leaves From the Garden
Clued to a an wooden BaseBoard
from an old house

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