Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lilacs, Dogwood Tree, Yellow Tulips, Peonies and My Garden Art

"I shall never have the garden I have in mind, but 
that for for me is the joy of it. 

Certain things can never be realized 
and so all the more reason to attempt 

A garden no matter how good it is,
 must never completely satisfy".

~~from MY GARDEN BOOK by Jamaica Kincaid~~~thanks to the YOU GROW GIRL blog

The Beautiful Dogwood Tree
In The Garden
Lilacs from the Gorgeous Smelling Lilac Tree

Unopened Peony with a Black Ant
What's Up with the black ants always on the Peonies
does anybody know?

Yellow Tulips
my rock art

Old window Art I do as a garden display
Dogwood Bloom

Coleus and viola
Woo Hoo ....The first Double Yield Heirloom Cucumber Sprout
of the season. Woo Hoo Again !!!

(no it's not Robert Plant, although he is pretty kewl)

Have you read Jamaica Kincaid's book
MY FAVORITE PLANT? As an admired writer and PASSIONATE GARDENER, Jamaica said it very well in the opening quote of this blogpost.

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