Monday, September 13, 2010

These PokeWeed Berries Helped In The Writing Of Many Of The United States' Colonial Documents

I love the bright pink stems of the pokeweed. berry plant. It makes them very photogenic. So I did a little investigating online and discovered a lot of good stuff about pokeweed, and a lot of not so good stuff.

The good stuff is that the juice from these berries was used to make ink that was used back in the colonial days to write a lot of our documents including the Declaration of Independence. Indians also used the juice to paint their horses.

The not so good stuff is that the berries are deadly and toxic to mammals..

In any case, the pokeweed berry is a very ornate berry that says "Look at me,...Look at me" You cannot miss the beautiful colors of the pokeweed berries, as you look about on the happy trails and paths of

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