Friday, July 9, 2010

The Moon Flowers Have Landed and Are Blooming !!!!

For those who have never seen a moon flower this is them.  They are big and huge and resemble a nuked morning glory, for lack of a better analogy. I grew these from seeds, and every year I save the seed pods, so I have more seeds next year.  Last year I wrappped up some of the seeds, put 'em in baggies in decorative packages, and gave them to friends and family for Christmas. Moon Flowers are an exotic flower treat.  I now hear they are doing well in the people's gardens I have given them to.  My friends love them. They are not hard to grow.  They are hardy and can endure rough soil.
The fragrance they give off is heady stuff. 

Talking about heady stuff, some say the moon flower pods can be used as a trippy tea.  I would not know.  I just grow them, I don't ingest them....and I read things on the Inter-net.  Look it up. Oh, and why do they call them Moon Flowers, you may ask? Because they only open at night.

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