Monday, April 15, 2013

I Spy With My Little Eye A Baby Bunny In The Garden

I spied with my little eye this baby
Bunny hiding in the weeds
I shot pics of him from all
angles.  He was as still as any
petrified baby bunny could get.
He never batted an eyelash
I could get great closeup
shots and took advantage of the
situation because really
who gets the chance to
take pics of a gorgeous
wild bunny that often?
Very well camo-ed.
If you did not know he was there
you wouldn't see him
I left him undisturbed
hoping mama bunny could
come back and re-claim him
Photography does not get any better
than this, what a great day in the garden
(until maybe this same baby bunny starts eating my veggies)
Possibly Mama Bunny whom I
Took a picture of at the feeder
4 days before the Baby Bunny\

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