Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big Beautiful Weeds, Yellow Salisfy (aka Goat's Beard) !!!! Milkweed Too !!!! I Love Them, I Plant Them, On Purpose

the dandelion-like head on a goat's beard is 3-5 inches across

Sweet William (from seeds) and Goat's Beard

Photo-shopped Sweet William with spotlight  enhancement
Milkweed, Pre Flowering

Not the best of photo's, but this pic
was taken while I was telescopically
looking at Venus Float
across the

In between looks at Venus,
I took pics of my milkweed that I adore
and attracts butterflies, emits the most
beautiful smell when flowering that would
rival the sweetest smelling rose.
AND it's a weed.
Take that domesticated
plants. You got nothing on milkweed.

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