Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blue Peas, Sweet William, Bunnies Doing It & Other Garden Stuff

Sweet William I grew from seed

Heirloom Blue Pea Pods Capuchijners
Close Up of Heirloom Blue Peas

Leaf Lettuce In a Wooden Box

Russian Giant Sunflowers that have
since been transplanted
where they will grow 14 foot tall

The birdbath /bird watering hole
with some bachelor buttons growing

Newest Garden Art Handmade by Me
@ Kreations by K.A.M.

Soon to bloom Century Plant.....woo hoo.

So I look out the window to the birdfeeder and lo and behold
there's too bunnies in mid bunny shot ready to do the wild thang
and they did ,and I missed the  bunny money shot.

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