Monday, February 27, 2012

Occupy A Garden-Occupy Our Food Supply #F27 Blogger Day of Action~~~ Rainforest Action Network Blog


From December to July a lot change in the Garden Here's how MY Garden looks right now in July, 2012
The barren-ness is gone.  The rocks are covered in green.  Things do change.

My contribution to OCCUPY OUR FOOD day

Well I'm kinda late to this Blogger Day of ACTion of Occupy Our Food Supply, But I'm Here.

There's an Hour and a half left of the day of February 27th and I'm taking part of this Global Blog, Right Here Right Now.

I think my Garden Blog Itself is enough to be a testimonial about what I think about OCCUPY OUR FOOD day. I Think putting up a sign on my front yard with OCCUPY A GARDEN is enough.

That's what I did.

Willie Nelson and Anna Lappe weigh in with their own thoughts about OCCUPY OUR FOOD day at this link. about farms and farmers and fresh vegetables.

I may not be a farmer, but I'm a small farmer, It's called a gardener.

And I love and adore my garden.

So there.

Occupy Our Food Supply #F27 Blogger Day of Action: Register Now » Rainforest Action Network Blog

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