Tuesday, January 3, 2012

St Francis of Assisi Garden Lawn Ornament Brought Inside To Escape The Wind and The Cold, Makes For A Great Photo Op In Light and Shadow

Needless to say St Francis of Assisi is my favorite Garden Figure.
 Garden Gnomes are fine, but the life of Assisi is very very interesting.
I took him inside one day because the wind was blowing so hard and knocked him over outside.
He survived unscathed, and now he's inside where it's warm and nice.
Adding to that fact he is treasured by me for his
sentimental value given to me by people who are gone now.

Early Morning Light of St Francis of Assissi
Lawn Ornament  taken inside to escape the cold.
It's All Natural Light, All Natural Shadow.
No Photoshop and I Love It.

This particular light caught my eye
early in the morning walking by.
It lasted for less than 5 minutes.
That was the window (literally)
of opportunity I had to shoot this.

Great shadows on the wall in the early morning
All Shadow
No photoshop.
All Natural.

All Shadow
No Photoshop
All Natural.
Through Lace Curtains
In the Morning

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