Sunday, March 6, 2011

Growing Power, Inc.

Since the snow is still here and there is nothing to blog about in the garden, I'm posting about a man I discovered via Tavis Smiley. His anme is  Will Allen, and his company is titled GROWING POWER., Inc. Will is truly blog worthy. He was on Time's list of 100 people last year who affect us.

Will Allen started life the youngest of six sons [???] of a South Carolina sharecropper and learned the dawn-to-dusk routine of working the land from his toddling days. Today, after successful careers in professional basketball and corporate marketing, he is a farmer again, but of a different sort. Will has applied a lifetime of knowledge to the problems of urban poverty and malnutrition, and with the founding of Growing Power, Milwaukee’s only urban farm, he has created an international model for intensive urban agriculture and community food systems.

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