Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Market, To Market

Since it is very boring this time of year in the garden, here's a podcast worth listening to about the CHEF'S GARDEN in Ohio, that made a dramatic comeback after the Lee Family updated their garden-farm to cater to faster, brighter, smarter people who like doing the vegetable and food business just a little differently than the status quo of a bygone era long ago.

Incidentally, this podcast was placed on TWO of my blogs, since I also maintain and operate a Food Blog titled Chef Vinnie's Kitchen Heat.

Where the Money Meets the Rubber of the Road, Now, the inter-connectedness of Food and The Garden and The Politics of Food, are all interlinked and cannot be seperated.

That's the politics of the garden.  That's the politics of food.

Interdependent is the word. Some people get the interconnectedness, some don't.  F'em.

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