Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Crack In The Cement Flower That Refuses To Give Up and Die Even In The Middle of November

You've got to love the tenacity of
flowers that spring up outta the cracks in the cement
and keep on growing and blooming halfway through November

They just seem to throw caution to the wind and
proceed to grow defying nature and natural odds.

I watered them regularly just like my other flowers
that I planted this past summer
never thinking they'd last this long

....And here they still are, the runts of the litter, who defy-ed all odds by

springing up from a crack in the cement.
 All my other flowers have long since died due to frost. But these flowers growing from out of a cement crack  are so hardy, they refuse to give up.  They are not mums.  I did not plant them there. They just kinda showed up one day out of the crack.

Now they are a welcome reminder of this past summer's color and garden.

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  1. Lovely tenacious flowers in late autumn- there's so much which mankind can learn from nature!