Monday, May 3, 2010


Anyone who visits here, knows I like dandelions.  What other people see as a noxious weed, I eat.  While others see  something to spray Round Up on, I see beauty.  Yes, I do not like weeding my garden and surrounding area of dandelions.  But dandelions can provide a service to us all.  The Vitamins contained in the dandelion greens are rich in iron and Vitamin D. I also adore Queen Anne's Lace, another weed (of the carrot family) that I think is gorgeous.

I do not like domesticated roses.  Give me a bunch of wildflowers on Mother's Day that you picked somewhere fresh (and free) and I'll be happy camper.

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  1. I reached this blog via the Nature blogs network and I absolutely love the posts and the beautiful photos! (have duly bookmarked it!)

    I too love dandelions- I shan't elaborate more since it might end up too poetic! It also has Vits A, B, and C, is a good detoxifying remedy, and is used to treat high b.p. Perhaps gardeners should think twice before discarding it!